How can I help?

  • We are all consumers. Everyone who runs a business, shops for the family or works in the bank makes purchasing decisions on a daily basis. Whether for personal or business use we are all able to make choices that are better for the environment. So first and foremost, choose GECA certified products. 
    Please visit our Find Products section to search for products or services that are better for the environment. 
  • If a product you use or want to buy isn't certified or you're not sure about its environmental credentials, ask your retailer or the manufacturer to get GECA certification then everyone can be confident their products really are environmentally preferable.
  • If you are an organisation with green credentials consider applying for certification to assure your customers that you take these issues seriously.
    Please visit our Why Get Certified? section to find out more about certifying with GECA. 
  • If you are an organisation looking to manufacture greener products, or perhaps a business looking to implement greener strategies consider switching to greener materials and processes (as outlined in our standards) and then applying for GECA certification. Many companies have told us that simply seeking GECA accreditation has helped them make big improvements in how they make their products.
    Please visit Our Standards page to view our currently published standards.