GECA 50-2011 v2 - Carpets. Recognised by GBCA at Level A. 

The GECA, Green Star Brochure - details each GECA standard and the available Green Star credits.  

This standard is applicable to natural fibre carpets such as wool; synthetic polymer fibre carpets comprising of nylon and nylon blends, olefin (polypropylene), polyester, acrylic and polyamide; and blends composed of materials that fit into the above fibre types.

GECA 50-2011 v2 Carpets incorporates three previous standards:

  • GECA 07-2006 Wool Pile, Wool Blend and Modular Wool Carpet,
  • GECA 30-2006 Polymer and Polymer Rich Broadloom Carpets, and
  • GECA 31-2006 Commercial Modular Tile Carpets.

Carpets Info Sheet