Zippy Cleaning & Maintenance Services

As a family owned and operated business that commenced in 1985, we value our clients and staff and work collaboratively to provide exceptional commercial cleaning and maintenance solutions to a wide range of clients on a regular and ongoing basis.

As a premier commercial cleaning organisation with interstate operations and some 600 staff, we pride ourselves on exceeding client expectations. Our people and systems allow Zippy to offer highly proactive customer focused solutions ensuring that our services are of the highest standards. By promoting a supportive workplace for our staff, we achieve superior service levels with our clients.

One of our greatest strengths has always been the ability to use our industry knowledge and expertise to ensure our clients have clean and presentable premises. We also assist clients minimise the impact on the environment by managing their waste and using environmentally safe chemicals and cleaning products in our provision of services.

Through our relationships with our clients we ensure that our people and clients combine to create a truly respected organisation. We excel at what we do and a valued contributor to our clients and community.

At Zippy we pride ourselves in delivering our services so that we continually maintain our Vision and Mission which are at the core of everything we do.

Our Vision is “To be a respected organisation that fosters growth, nurtures our committed team and exceeds our clients’ expectations."Our Mission is “To provide exceptional services to our clients driven by the integrity, teamwork, and innovation of our valued and respected team.”

By having these core statements as the foundation of our organisation, and more importantly ensuring that our staff understand their impact, we are able to provide our clients with the level of service we promote.