EcoStyle Paints by ROCKCOTE are ultra-premium quality paints that deliver a high performance, scrubbable finish without the use of toxic chemicals.

EcoStyle Paints are made with exterior grade resin to ensure the highest quality and durability for both interior and exterior applications.

Designed with exceptional aesthetics, easy maintenance and healthy indoor air in mind, they are the ideal choice for schools, day care centres, hospitals, nursing homes and top quality homes.

Stringent third party testing by GECA provides assurance that EcoStyle Paints contain none of the known carcinogenic or mutagenic chemicals including Glycol Ethers and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are present in other well-known paint brands

EcoStyle Paints can be tinted to virtually any colour and are low odour so spaces can be used as soon as the paint is dry. Along with a range of other stockists, EcoStyle Paints can be specially ordered through any Bunnings store.