Chemform is the largest privately owned and operated chemical company in Western Australia. We provide innovative solutions backed up by A-grade service and have earned a reputation as 'problem solvers'... not just another chemical supplier!

Chemform offers a complete product range for industrial, commercial and institutional customers, specifically developed with Western Australia's unique conditions in mind.

Sapphire Concentrates are cost effective, safer for the user and also lessen the environmental impact on our planet.

The Sapphire range is safe (light and compact handy 2.5L container) for the end user with the use of safety inserts minimizing contact with the product along with the added benefit of readily accessible safety information on each label. With our precise measurement system this eliminates waste while giving precise dilution for optimum performance, saving you time, money and improving OH & S.

Sapphire can be easily identified with generic names, easy to follow number coding, colour coding and icons. This is especially important for those businesses that have staff who speak English as a second language. We’re simply making life easier for you and your workers.