CoDesign began in 2010 as a small group of like-minded, multi-disciplinary designers who wanted to develop a vehicle to meaningfully respond to community needs. We saw that communities everywhere cared about where they lived, but didn’t always know how to transform their ideas into designs and projects. Equally we saw a growing desire from designers to engage with community projects, but a lack of understanding of community and international development processes.

Initially working with local partners on community development projects in India, Cambodia and Vietnam, CoDesign refined a project methodology based on innovative open source materials and proven international development approaches. Based on this we developed a social business model that focused on providing new solutions to social needs through affordable, professional built environment services.

Now, we have now expanded our service to clients across Australia, working with government agencies, non-profits and educational institutions to improve community participation and to mobilise communities to plan and design solutions to their self-identified needs. Our clients now include the Asian Development Bank, the Department of Human Services and numerous local government agencies and not-for-profit organisations.