New products from Koskela

Image of New products from Koskela

Furniture producer Koskela has recently added a range of new items to their list of GECA certified products. New environmentally-preferable partitions, tables, workstations, sofas and ottomans are now available with the GECA tick of approval, with all products meeting the requirements of the Furniture and Fittings standard.

  • The PBS Screens create a simple yet effective partition within open spaces. Choose from the single or the cluster for flexible and moveable screening.
  • Steren Series Table, which is available as a meeting table, café table, dining table, coffee table and in custom designs. Options for table top include square, round, oval and pebble shapes.
  • The HB table, which resembles the carved-out end of a pencil, with carvings revealing the character of the timber.
  • The Desktop / Workpod / Integrated Hoodie range (pictured), designed to block out distracting noise and visual stimulus, to bring balance to Activity Based Workspaces and get some productive work done.
  • The Nurrka sofa and ottoman is designed to seat 3-5 people comfortably. Lightweight, frame-less sofa series, utilising geometric angular forms, perfect for offices and foyers, featuring the Koskela exclusive Rivulet™ detail.
  • The Lodge series, consisting of flexible, quiet seating for open-plan office spaces that can be used in multiple layouts for maximum flexibility.
  • The Konverse ottoman, one of Koskela's original designs, which was inspired by a dog sled.