Consumer letter

At GECA, we encourage consumers to write to their favourite brands and ask them to get GECA certified. By showing manufacturers that there is a demand for certification, they will be more likely to take action and make sure their products are environmentally-preferable.

To make this easier for you, we have drafted a letter below, but feel free to modify it to reflect your concerns.


To whom it may concern

I enjoy using your products and am writing to ask you to consider getting your products certified with Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA), Australia’s only not-for-profit, third-party ecolabelling program. GECA develops standards to ensure that products and services are made according to a set of criteria for environmental preferability, human health and safety, and human rights.

The GECA ecolabel on a product instantly shows that it has been carefully assessed against rigorous standards for environmental impact, human health and safety, and safe conditions for the workers. It also gives consumers such as me confidence that you’re not making misleading claims.

As someone who cares about reducing my overall environmental impact and ensuring a safe, healthy lifestyle, I hope you share my vision and will take action to make sure your products aren’t causing unnecessary harm.

More information about GECA is available at

Yours truly,

(your name)