What we do

We know that unsustainable decisions and actions have already had dramatic impact, and it is essential that the impacts of our consumption are managed more effectively and skilfully than they have been in the past. 

The good news is that sustainability issues continue to be dealt with in a much more sophisticated and effective way. More and more businesses are taking action to improve their products to reduce their impact on environmental and human health.  

But without the right information it can be hard for consumers to know which products are better and hard for manufacturers to know where they should make improvements.

Ecolabels like GECA’s play an essential role in both consumer and commercial markets to facilitate the significant improvement in the sustainability of consumption that is still required. GECA sets the standard for environmental performance across the life cycle in a way that makes it easy for purchasers to confidently make sustainable choices without costly due diligence of their own. These robust standards and the independent certification process also helps manufacturers take action to improve the environmental and social impacts of their products.