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Our Sydney office features flooring, furniture and fittings from GECA licensees Our Sydney office features flooring, furniture and fittings from GECA licensees

Who we are

Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) runs Australia's only independent, not-for-profit, multi-sector ecolabelling program and is the only Australian member of the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN). 

Our transparent certification program develops standards against which products and services can be independently audited by JAS-ANZ accredited conformance assessment bodies (CABs). Standards are developed following ISO 14024 principles for global best practice in ecolabelling.

GECA's scheme enables consumers to choose from thousands of certified products and services and have confidence that they have a lower impact on the environment and human health and address important social considerations. We have more Australian products certified than any other scheme.

Meet the GECA team and the GECA board here.


Vision and mission

GECA's vision is for a society in which people demand sustainable products and services. 

In order to achieve our vision we aim to transform the actions of business and consumers to drive a substantial increase in the sustainability of consumption, which we do with our ecolabelling program.


What we do

We know that unsustainable decisions and actions have already had dramatic impact, and it is essential that the impacts of our consumption are managed more effectively and skilfully than they have been in the past. 

The good news is that sustainability issues continue to be dealt with in a much more sophisticated and effective way. More and more businesses are taking action to improve their products to reduce their impact on environmental and human health.  

But without the right information it can be hard for consumers to know which products are better and hard for manufacturers to know where they should make improvements.

Ecolabels like GECA’s play an essential role in both consumer and commercial markets to facilitate the significant improvement in the sustainability of consumption that is still required. GECA sets the standard for environmental performance across the life cycle in a way that makes it easy for purchasers to confidently make sustainable choices without costly due diligence of their own. These robust standards and the independent certification process also helps manufacturers take action to improve the environmental and social impacts of their products.


A brief history of GECA

  • 2000: The Environmental Choice Australia (ECA) ecolabelling program commences under the auspices of the Australian Environmental Labelling Association (AELA). Read more about GECA's founder and the early years.
  • 2001: Environmental Choice Australia becomes a member of the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN). 
  • 2002: Environmental Choice Australia (ECA) becomes Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA). The organisation creates its first standards and begins operating its certification scheme.
  • 2006: GECA is incorporated as an independent not-for-profit standards developing and licensing body. 
  • 2009-10: Governance review of GECA, new constitution and structure established. New Board directors were appointed with government, consumer and market research experience and expertise.
  • 2010-11: BSI commences auditing against the GECA scheme as the first of GECA's JAS-ANZ accredited, independent conformance assessment body.
  • 2013: DLCS International begins auditing against the GECA scheme as the second JAS-ANZ accredited, independent conformance assessment body.

GECA's global partners and local allies

GECA works collaboratively with a number of organisations that are aligned with our mission. This page contains a listing of these organisations and the nature of our association with them.

Global partnerships

The Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN)

GECA is the only Australian member of GEN, giving us international relevance and recognition.

GEN is a global not-for-profit association of national third-party, ecolabelling organisations that was founded in 1994 to improve, promote and develop the 'ecolabelling' of products and services. GEN members must meet certain requirements, including following ISO 14024 principles.

Through our GEN membership GECA has access to the latest international thinking and the potential for partnerships with other national GEN members. This helps to reduce costs and increase the environmental impact of the work of GECA and licensed manufacturers.

GECA's GEN membership can also assist Australian manufacturers and other suppliers to achieve environmental certification for GECA certified goods in other GEN member countries.

Local alliances

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA)

GECA was the first certification scheme to be recognised within the GBCA’s Assessment Framework for Product Certification Schemes for their Green Star ratings system for green building projects. We continue to collaborate with the GBCA to build a more sustainable building sector.

Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ)

JAS-ANZ is the government-appointed accreditation body for Australia and New Zealand responsible for providing accreditation of conformity assessment bodies (CABs) in the fields of certification and inspection. Accreditation by JAS-ANZ demonstrates the competence and independence of these CABs.

JAS-ANZ accredits 125 CABs who in turn certify some 100,000 organisations. Including accreditations and technical assistance projects JAS-ANZ provides services in over 20 countries.

JAS-ANZ is a signatory to a number of bilateral, regional and international agreements. These agreements provide international recognition and acceptance of JAS-ANZ accredited certificates and inspection reports.

The GECA Scheme is the only ecolabel in Australia that requires all auditors performing conformance assessments to be accredited by JAS-ANZ to do so.

Sustainable Business Australia (SBA)

GECA is working with SBA to transform the actions of businesses and consumers to drive a substantial increase in the sustainability of consumption. SBA is the peak body in this country for the low carbon and environmental goods and services sector. The organisation is also a think tank focusing on new markets, new industries and new jobs. 

A large part of SBA's work involves raising awareness about the scale and relevance of major environmental challenges and the commercial solutions that business and industry can provide. 

Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC) 

GECA is a member of ASBEC, a peak body of key organisations committed to a sustainable built environment in Australia.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

FSC is an international association of members consisting of a diverse group of representatives from environmental and social groups, the timber trade and the forestry profession, indigenous people's organisations, responsible corporations, community forestry groups and forest product certification organisations from around the world.


ECO-BUY is a Melbourne-based, not-for-profit Centre of Excellence in Environmental Purchasing, established to encourage the purchasing of environmentally preferable products and services. GECA formed a partnership with ECO-BUY to offer sustainable procurement training courses in 2012. 


GECA is a contributor to Sourceable, an online portal of information delivering architecture, construction, engineering and interior design news and analysis from Australia and around the world. 


GECA Scheme Rules

The GECA Scheme Rules detail the requirements and procedures for products to be certified against applicable GECA Standards. These Scheme Rules provide guidelines for appropriate use of the scheme and are applicable to GECA, third-party Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs), and suppliers of products wishing to be certified under the GECA Scheme. 

The Scheme Rules are revised annually and based on internationally recognised standards and requirements. They offer reliability, integrity, credibility and confidence.

The Scheme Rules are publically available. To register your details and request a copy, click here.


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